Friday, January 17, 2014

The Princess Bride

        We watched the movie called" The Princess Bride." The movie was directed by Rob Reiner and it was published in 1987. Prince Humperdinck and Westley. The genre of this movie covers action, comedy and romance. The movie is very interesting and creative. I have divided the movie into three main plot. The first part is called" The Lucky Coincidence." The second part is called "The Love and Lie." The last one is called " Success at last." I wish you can enjoy my movie review.

(The Lucky Coincidence.)

       The first main part of the movie is called " The Lucky Coincidence." Let me start the story. Once upon a time, there is a girl called Buttercup and she was living in a farm with her true lover, Westley. They were planning to marry but they were not rich enough. So, Westley leaves his true lover, Buttercup and go away to earn money. Than one day Buttercup heard a rumor that her true lover Westley have been killed by the pirates. Buttercup thought that she would never see him again. As time passes Buttercup is forced to be the fiance of the Prince Humperdinck. One day she is kidnapped by three strange men. She is kidnapped by Inigo the Spanish man, Fezzik the giant, and the smart man, Vizzini. When they are taking the princess Buttercup up the cliffs of insanitya mysterious man in black mask follows them. The man in black defeats the three kidnappers and rescues the Princess Buttercup from them. Then she realizes that the man in black is her true lover, Westley. To run away from the prince they goes into a forest which has fire swamps, lightning sand and rodents of unusual size. Westley fights with the rodents and wins. Finally, they survive and go through the forest.

     ( The Love and the Lie.)

          The second part of the movie is called " The Love and the Lie." Then unluckily the couple meets the prince and of course the evil prince tries to kill Westley to have his fiance back. But Buttercup sacrifices her to the prince and tells him that she will go with him if he let Westley go. But the man with six fingers brings Westley to the Forest of Thieves and Westley is sent to the Bit of Despair. In the Bit of Despair Westley is tied up to a machine that takes energy out of him. But later on the two kidnappers Inigo and Fizzik finds Westly and sets him out of the Bit of Despair. They try try to take Westley to Miracle Max the old man to cure him. Mean while, princess Buttercup is locked in the castle, while waiting for Westley to arrive before the marriage. MIracale Max helps Westley to be healthy again and Inigo and Fizzik go into the town where the prince Humperdinck's castle is. Westley tries to find his true love and Inigo tries to kill the man with six finger to revenge for his father's death.

    ( Success at last.)
        The last part of the movie is called the Success at last. It is the day of marriage of the Prince and Buttercup. There are many soldiers blocking the door of the castle which is the only way to get into the castle. Fizzik, Inigo and Westley make a ghost costume and that ghost custom just scared the crap out of the soldiers. Inside the castle the marriage was going on. When the prince knew about them coming in he leaved the marriage. The man with six fingers fights with Inigo. Inigo says " prepare to die.' Before killing the man. Westley finds her true lover Buttercup and escape from the castle with Inigo and Fizzik. Westley and Buttercup gets married and live very happily after.

To conclude, I like the movie. It is funny,active and also romantic at the same time. I like the movie because the movie's plot is kind of different from others. I think it is unique. I also like the movie because of it characters. I like the characters because they had individual or own color and it was very obvious.


  1. I really like your post. It is very creative dividing it into 3 parts with titles, great job. Adding pictures and the trailer also makes it a very impressive post. It is well-written and interesting to read. You did forget to tell us the lessons you learned and about leadership however.

  2. Hi! I'm Elina. Very Good job with your movie review. I especially like the well organized structure which includes three themes and the suitable pictures and the trailer. However, I think it is necessary to write down the reason, why this movie is unique and different from other movies. Thank you!

  3. Good to read your movie review about The Princess Bride. I really like your pictures, especially the kissing scene. ^^