Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Essay


This is in Missouri Kansas, Marshall was born there in 1972. If you look at the picture you can see that it is a beautiful scenery. You can also see that this is a busy city. Although it is a city with great energy you can feel the coldness of the city in the same time. In the morning you might here cars driving, people talking and loud noises and might feel the liveliness of the city..But in night you might feel a cold breeze and feel that the city is abandoned. Unluckily Marshall was born in a bad family situation. His dad ran away when he was 6 month years old and his mom had him when she was sixteen. I will describe this scenery to evening. The sunshine represents the birth of Marshall but the darkness of the weather represents the bad family situation he was  born in.

                                    ( EMINEM )
         Today I am going to talk about my role model. My role model is Marshall Matthers also known as Eminem. My theme is related to him. As you can see that he is not a chocolate but a normal guy with kind of bald hair. He had won 13 Grammies award in his career. I will tell you seven important events that happened to him and compare it to weather. I wish you can enjoy my pictures.

                                  ( Earth welcomes the Rap God.)
                                            ( Where Rap God had dwelled)
When Marshall was 12 he finally settled in Detroit,8 mile. Before settling down he moved from Kansas to Detroit every time.This is place is where Marshall call it home. 8 mile is the road that separated the blacks from white. Marshall of course lived on the black side of the city. This picture is the black side of the city. If you look at the picture you can see that it is very dirty. It might smell bad.You can also know that it is not a place where rich person would live in. The city looks like a person who is very depressed. You might notice that the sun light is much brighter than the first picture. More brighter sunshine represents that there were hope to this poor kid Marshall.

                                                 ( Birth Of Eminem)
      When Marshall was seventeen he became more serious about hip hop. Then he decided that his name was going to be Eminem when he was seventeen. You can feel a fresh feeling in his stage name. As you can see it is a brand new name. You can also see that the second E in the word is opposite. This makes his stage name unique and cool at the same time. The picture of sun describes the birth of EMINEM. It is starting to get warm. Can you see the sun light that tries to shine bright through the cloud? Well, the cloud is like a shell and the sunlight is like a chick that try to come out.


                                                         ( 2nd to Debut)
    Eminem attended the rap Olympic in 1997. He was second place and couldn't got the money he badly needed. But Dr. Dre a famous black rapper invited Eminem to come to his studio. If you see the picture of Eminem rapping. You can see that the place is crowded. Eminem might have been nervous. It might smell there because it is crowded.Then Eminem debuted. If I was him I would feel so happy. The moon light is mysterious like Marshall's life. He does not know what is going on.


                                                     ( 8 Miles, I am back.)
         At 2002 he was asked to make a movie about his life. If you see the picture at the left you can see the sun. It is warm and very beautiful. He might have felt very good because he came back to his hometown. But the sun will soon fall and get cold. Like Eminem's life this is the warmest time in his life and soon problems happens.

                                                      ( DRUGS )
         After his success he got caught by the cops by the reason that he was on drugs. Like the picture of the weather. The drugs might smell like Dr. Pepper. His life might have been cold. He might have felt loneliness. As you can see the storm it had destroyed everything. Drugs had destroyed everything in his life like a storm destroying the city.

                                                        ( Recovery)  
    After two years of rehab Eminem  came back to be a rapper. Like the rainy day his life was not great. He became very emotional. If I was in his shoes I would see nothing but blank. I would feel so depressed and be cold like a rainy day.    

           Today, I had show a short description and seven pictures of my role model Eminem. Each pictures and description tells you seven different events it happened in his life. Thank you for reading my blog please comment to my blog thank you.


  1. This is a great photo essay. You explained each photo very well using descriptive words. I learned a lot about Eminem through your post. Keep up the great work!

  2. I know you are very interested in Eminem and you did great job. But I think he's not that handsome as you told me. ^^ And don't ever say "Eminem is much better than Exo." I really hate you. : (
    I am just kidding, and you did really good job on descriptive writing of photo essay.

  3. Being an Eminem fan, I really loved your post. How about adding a picture of Eminem winning a Grammy, or sitting with his best friend Proof?