Sunday, January 12, 2014

MY 3

        Who are you? Everyday people ask me this question. Well "my 3 can answer that question very easily. My 3 are divided into 3 words. These three words are Slim Shady, 17, 15,000. These three words will explain about me briefly.
            First word that would explain me briefly is "Slim Shady." What did you think of? Did you think of a skinny weirdo? Well it is true that I am skinny but I am not a weirdo. Sometime I am but not always. Actually Slim Shady is a rapper. Slim Shady is the rapper's nickname. He is also know as Eminem or Marshall Mathers. Now you might wonder how is a rapper related to me. Well it is related because I like to listen to Hip Hop and Eminem is my favorite rapper. He won 13 Grammie awards.I like to listen to his song because it is emotional.  But most of all I respect him because of his effort.


 Second word that kind of describe me is not a word. Actually it is a number. The number is 17. Well this number is my soccer uniform number. One of my favorite hobby is playing soccer. I am on the soccer team back in my school. My position is striker or left forward. I enjoy playing soccer because it helps me to forget about other stressful things when I play soccer. I also enjoy watching them.

    The last thing of my 3 is also a number it is 15,000. Obviously, it is not my age because if it was I would probably died already. But it kinds of relates to my favorite food. It is the price of my favorite food. My best food is fried chicken. I wrote 15,000 because chicken in Korea costs 15,000 won. Chicken was my favorite food since 2004. Chickens taste better that Han U to me. It is just to wonderful to describe.

   "My 3" describes the reason why I live. It also tells you a little about me. "My 3" describes my favorite singer , my favorite food, and my favorite hobby. Now I told you briefly about me can you briefly tell us about you?


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  2. I see you also love eminem. Isn't he the fastest rapper? Nice pics by the way. I also like soccer, but do you like watching soccer or playing soccer?

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  4. I mostly liked the pictures that were added below paragraphs.It made me understand easier about what you like especially about Eminem. Actually, I was thinking of chocolate when I first heard about it. I think your hobby isn't similar to mine, but I think your blog makes me more interested on yours too.

  5. I enjoyed reading your first post. You shared some interesting things about yourself and the post was more interesting because you also added pictures. To make your reader guess, you should try putting your answers as links that we have to click on to discover what the words mean. You can do this by creating pages under the Design tab. Ask me if you need me to show you again.

  6. I liked your picture, but thanks to you I couldn't use it.